Monday, February 14, 2011

Who was the mother of Jesus?

What must it have been like to be Mary?

I mean studies have shown that she was between the agaes of 13-17. She is going about her life, about to marry the man she loves and then all the sudden this huge angel appears and tells her not to be afriad but she is going to become the mother to the man who causes the lame to walk and the blind to see. She has been touched by the Holy Spirit.

Most know how the story goes but what about reading between the lines of the story that has so much inmpact to this day. She was young and she must have had her own dreams for her life - equivalent to us going to college or traveling or the jobs that we love. Could I just drop everything-all the things, people, dreams and goals for my life to allow God to have total and complete authority in to it?

Not only does she want this she knows what an honor and gift is given to her. I sometimes… no, alot of the time don’t understand why I am in this situation or why I have to go through this. I get resentful and bitter of these things that make my life hard to deal with. Then it hit me while I was reading this story- imagain the lifestyle she lived in. It was considered a sin to be with a man before you were married and we know she was a virgin, so people just assumed that she had been unfaithful to Joseph - that is even what he thought so he was just going to divorce her. She put aside her social standing and her love for Joseph because she trusted in God enough to know that He always has her best interest in mind.

Do I have that much faith? Could I go against my family, society and everything else cause I knew that this was something God had called me to do? And it comes down to- can I simply be content and have joy while trusting that there is a purpose that I am going through this for a reason. That He never simply just wants to cause me pain. The Bible says that we are to have joy and be content wherever God has placed us. That it is a joy to serve Jesus even though and more so when it causes us pain or is hard.

Job is a wonderful example. Through losing is lifestyle, entire family, and having his body become so ill - he never denied his faith in God. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

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